Garage Doors

Single Car Garage Door $800+
Double-Car Garage Door $1500+
Custom or Specialty Doors $2000+
Commercial Garage Doors $3500+
Fullview Garage Doors $3500+


Service Call (No Parts) $150+
Spring Replacement $300+
Safety Cable Replacements $150+
Track Realignment $150
Roller Replacement $100+
Weatherstripping $5/Ft
Panel Replacement $250+
Remotes and Programming $75
Homelink Progamming $150
Installation Labor for 16x7 and under $350
Installation Labor for 16x7-18x8 $450
Commercial Installation Labor $1000+


Chain Drive $550+
Belt Drive $650+
Jackshaft $950
Commercial Overhead Opener $1200+
Commercial Jackshaft $1200+

At Diamond Hand Garage Doors, we understand the importance of offering affordable and transparent pricing to our valued customers. However, the dynamic nature of garage door prices within the market presents us with a challenge in providing a concrete, fixed price. Garage door prices are subject to fluctuation due to various factors such as material costs, manufacturing expenses, economic trends, and technological advancements. These variables contribute to a constantly changing landscape, making it difficult for us to pinpoint an exact price at any given moment.

Despite these challenges, our commitment to affordability and transparency remains unwavering. We continuously strive to strike a balance between providing high-quality garage doors and keeping our prices reasonable for our customers. Our dedicated team is always monitoring the market trends and analyzing cost factors to ensure that we offer competitive and fair pricing. We understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable cost estimates, which is why we aim to communicate openly about the potential price range based on current circumstances.

Rest assured that our focus on affordability and transparency drives our efforts to provide you with the best possible garage door options while keeping you informed about the reasons behind any price variations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your satisfaction and make your garage door purchase experience as smooth and transparent as possible.